How to Transfer Files or Folder to OneDrive

Transfer Files or Folders From PC to Microsoft OneDrive

Login in to Motlow Hub Account with your Motlow Email and Password


Once in the Hub Select the Office 365 OneDrive from the Dashboard



May ask you to sign into Microsoft use your Motlow Email



Select Upload > Files or Folder.



Select the files or folder you want to upload. Click Open



File or Folder will be transferred to Your OneDrive



You're all set.



How to drag and drop files into OneDrive

On your PC, open the File Explorer app. You can search for the app to find it; tap the folder icon if you have the shortcut on your task bar; or you can locate the File Explorer app in the "Windows System" folder.



Locate the file you want to send to OneDrive, which you'll see in the left side panel of File Explorer. Click the file to select it, then drag and place the icon over OneDrive or a folder in OneDrive until it's highlighted, then drop the file. 


You can select an entire folder to drag and drop into OneDrive for a quick, comprehensive transfer from your PC. 

You're all set. Just note that dragging and dropping the file to OneDrive will move the file from your PC onto OneDrive and not make a copy.


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